The energy of White calcite resonates with all 7 Chakras but especially the Crown Chakra.

·         It aids to clear stagnant and blocked energy in these Chakra centers and assists in purifying these energy centers so that the energy is left feeling of positive vibration

·         White Calcite has the gift of providing a deep healing of the soul and can revitalize our energy

·         This crystal is a high vibrational crystal and can accelerate the development and personal growth of whatever path we may be on.

·         When used in meditation you can facilitate the opening of higher consciousness and allow you psychic abilities (AKA super powers) to come through. This crystal will also aid in channeling and astral travel. It allows the soul to remember the experience when you return to your center.

·         This stone is a powerful detoxifier when used in a crystal or gem elixir.

·         White calcite absorbs energy and returns it to the sender having transmuted and amplified it.

·         It also has been known for its ability to cleanse the auric field.

·         White Calcite is also useful in past life healing. Or aids us in this lifetime to heal from past life issues.

White Calcite- Rough

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  • Due to being a natural product, all stones may vary in color, shape, and design. 






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