Smokey Quartz


Smokey Quartz was known as a Stone of Power.  Use to relieve tension & stress, anxiety, or panic attacks.  Also to ward off negative thinking and to eliminate worrh and doubt, when faced with chaos or confusion.  For Protection, Smokey Quartz helps guard the home, vechiicles and possessions against theft, damage and accidents acausedd by human error.  Place smoky quartz in the home or work environment to filter out bad moods, unspoken resententss, or disparaging remarks that drains one's strength and enthusiasm.  Providing a protective barrier of energy around the user.  Smoky 

Quartz offers exceptional grounding and stability when working in the higher realms and helping one to receive and utilize more high-frequency and light energy  Due to theses products coming from nature the size, color and shape may differ from the above image.

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