Lil' Stinkers KidSafe Aroma Plush + Signature Blends Set

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 PJ the Elephant is a charming aroma plush animal that is perfect for a child who loves to laugh and hug. He comes with a 10 mL bottle of his signature scent, PJ’s Blend. 


PJ's Blend is a cheerful burst of fruity essential oils, including fresh Steam Distilled Lemon and bright Grapefruit Pink.  As one of the KidSafe® Lil’ Stinkers™ collectible plush animals, PJ has a removable Safety Scent Cartridge™ that allows parents to put a few drops of PJ’s Blend or other KidSafe® essential oil on a scent pad and then secure it inside the toy. Kids can enjoy PJ’s snuggles, comfort and uplifting, fruity aroma whenever needed.


Add 3–6 drops of PJ’s Blend or other KidSafe® essential oil to the scent pad and tuck it inside PJ’s pouch. You can also diffuser a few drops in your favorite diffuser to fill your home with this fruity aroma. This blend is best for aromatic use but can be used topically when diluted to 1–2%.


KidSafe® Aroma Plush™ Lil' Stinker™:




  • Age recommendation for Aroma Plush™ is 3+
  • Size: Approximately 12"
  • Aroma Plush™ Lil' Stinker™ comes with an attached Safety Scent Cartridge™
  • Aroma Plush™ Lil' Stinker™ comes with 5 replaceable scent pads
  • Add 3-6 drops of KidSafe® essential oil to the scent pad

PJ's Signature Blend:


  • Includes 100% pure KidSafe® essential oils of Steam Distilled Lemon, Grapefruit Pink, Bergamot, and Tangerine
  • Size: 10 mL








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