• If you are drawn to green calcite, you may be on a path of self-discovery.
  • This stone can aid you in accepting yourself wholly and embrace all of your imperfections. It will remind you that your flaws are what make you, well YOU. We are all unique in our own way, and this stone tells us that is ok, and will help you to embrace your uniqueness and turn these qualities into strengths.
  • Green Calcite can provide balance in body, mind, heart and spirit.
  • This stone radiates healing when worked with. It will help you to dissolve old belief systems, habits, and patterns, and help you heal from those along your path of self-discovery.
  • Health wise, this stone, again a natural healing stone, can boost your body’s ability to heal. It can relieve symptoms of arthritis, can aid in treating bacterial infections, inflammation, & joint pain. It supports and strengthen the immune system as well.
  • In magick reference green calcite is used in property spells since it’s color and energy is known to draw money, abundance and prosperity in your home or business. It is known as a “witch’s” stone and heals by just siting in your space or alter.
  • This stone will create positive vibrations that surround you while removing the negative energies that can block the good energy coming in. Use with prosperity, abundance and positive energy candles in your home to raise those vibrations further. Place this stone in your environment to transform your bland energy into a forest of positivity, property, and relaxation.
  • Use with the heart chakra and meditation and this stone can assist you in restoring the balance you have lost. It can help you become whole again, and fill your heart with hope, peace and serenity. And can provide us with support as we heal our heart Chakra as we over come challenges as we heal. The gentle energy of Green Calcite will show you how (through intuition) how you can release yourself from emotional co-dependency and can teach us how to be kind and gentle to our selves and to others as well as how to be tough and brave.  It reminds us that we are stronger and braver than we feel, and wiser and more confident that we thank.

Green Calcite- Rough

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