Fluorite cleanses & stabilizes the aura.

* A stone that increases our powers of concentration & self-confidence. This stone encourages positivity, balances energies.

* When more purple in color, this stone is known to increase mystic visions & aides spiritual balance. It helps intuition to connect to the rational mind.    

* When more green in color, this stone is known to bring hormones into balance and harmonizes and recharges all chakras.

* A stone for energy healers, this stone can clear the aura of mucky energies and absorbs negative energies from the environment but should be cleansed often.

* Used for the Third Eye Chakra, brings spiritual awakening and brings common sense to psychic intuitions.  

* Cleanse with Selenite, Smudging, or in the light of the full moon.


  • Disclaimer

    Due to being a natural product, all stones may vary in color, shape, and design. 






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