Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite

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 Blue Calcite is a great stone to use to stimulate meaningful dreams and it may help you to remember them. Place a piece under your pillow at night when you sleep to stimulate those dreams and to bring in creativity energy into the scenes you may dream of. It may help you with dream recall as well if you carry that very same peace on your body the next day.


Use Blue Calcite to aid in development of your psychic gifts and it may be placed in your space to enhance creativity.


This stone resonates with the Third eye and the Throat chakra, so if you are working on your psychic path and work with higher realms, this stone can aid you greatly receiving those messages from your guides and then communicating them and express them freely.


Blue calcite can be useful if you have a job where you specifically need to communicate with clear and honest intent. This stone can help you understand the importance of the way you communicate with others as well as aid you seeing that communication can be more than just words. It can help you understand unspoken messages.


Blue Calcite can boost your intuitive abilities and help to remove energy blockages that may prevent you from receiving messages from the divine or spirit guides.


This stone has a soft, calming, and comforting energy and it’s energy may calm emotional confusion, anxiety or stress or maybe use when you feel emotionally distraught or fearful of something.


A great stone if you from time to time suffer from writer’s block, it can assist in clearing those energy blocks and enhance your creativity and motivate inspired thinking. It also can soothe your mind when it seems you mind is filled with just nonsense babble and you need to clear that energy and bring about the flow of creativity.


Blue Calcite is a great healing stone as well. If you are needing to heal others or yourself, this stone can be highly beneficial. It can absorb energy, possibly aid in healing the pain of bones and joints, and when used in a gem elixir it can relieve pain.


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