Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite



*This stone assists us in grounding and connection, opening the mind centers, & enhancing our psychic gifts.

* Assist I aligning the chakras, brings tranquility & a calming effect to the entire body.  

*can be used to “sweep “away unwanted energy.

* This stone deepens our connection to the physical, natural world.

*  Aids in manifestation of clairvoyance.

* Use to send and heal energy to the aura.

Use for grounding and energizing the root chakra.

*Use to explore past lives, receive intuitive & psychic thoughts & to balance yin/yang energy.

* Cleanse with Selenite, Smudging, or in the light of the full moon.     


**Sold as a Curio only & we cannot guarantee outcome**


**Due to these products coming from nature, the size, color and shape may differ from the above image.

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