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Divination Group

Interested in Oracle, Tarot, Pendulums, Runes & other Divination Tools?

Join our Divination Facebook group! 

It's free to join & enjoy, but you must be a member of our Divination Membership. See more below!

Gypsy Soul Book Club

Love reading & learning about all things holistic & metaphysical? 

Join our online book club to read, connect, & discuss different spiritual topics! 

Soul Tribe

Interested in meditations, journaling, daily cards pulls & learning more about yourself & the spiritual awakening you are going through? 

Join our Soul Tribe women's group to connect, learn, grow, & empower your spiritual journey. 

Empowering women through spirituality.

Are  you ready to find your higher self ?

Are you looking to learn HOW to read Tarot, Oracle, Runes & other forms? Maybe you would like to learn the basics and progress your way up? Either way we have the perfect memberships for YOU! 

We have MANY options available. Try it out for a month, or subscribe for on-going support! 

  • Circle Membership

    Every month
    Join our online circle for classes, connection, & Magick!
    • Monthly Classes, Monthly Rituals, & More!
  • Learning the Basics

    Every month
    • Youtube Beginner Classes
    • 10% Off once a month
    • Monthly Affirmations
    • Access to Circle of the Crescent Light Group
    • Monthly Small Mystery Bag
  • Rebirth

    Every month
    Let us help you understand your new beginning.
    • Beginner Youtube Classes
    • 10% off ONCE a Month
    • Weekly Email Affirmations
    • Monthly Small Mystery Bag
    • 1 Free Monthly 3-Card Pull
    • Access to Circle of the Crescent Light Group
  • In-Between the Veil

    Every month
    • Beginner Youtube Classes
    • Intermediate Youtube Classes
    • 15% OFF Once a Month
    • Monthly Medium Mystery Bag
    • FREE 30min Reading w/ Bridgette ( Owner)
    • Additional 5% on Thrifty Tuesdays
    • Access to Circle of the Crescent Light Group
    • Daily Affirmation Email
  • Wizard

    Every month
    • Access to Advanced Youtube Classes
    • 10% Off every 2 weeks
    • Daily Email Affirmation
    • Monthly Large Mystery Bag
    • FREE 45min Reading with Bridgette (online or in person)
    • Additional 5% OFF Thrifty Tuesday
    • Access to Circle of the Crescent Light Group
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